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Who says that Miku and Cloud can’t fight on the same team?

2024 Event Coordinator: AsheKat Cosplay (

Do you have the desire to fight a battle of wits? Or maybe you enjoy a good couple of rounds of senseless violence between characters that should never meet. Like Ever. Then we’ve got the perfect event for you!

This is a PG13 event. We advise the parents of applicants and guests of Cosplay chess to take this into account.

How it Works: Cosplay chess is a pre-scripted event that has your favorite characters battle for victory. Each team will have sixteen (16) players and are given roles of a standard chess board. This includes a King, Queen, two (2) Rooks, Bishops, and Knights, and eight (8) Pawns. Each player will move around the board according to their respective “Game Master’s” orders. When two players land on the same spot, it’s time to fight! All the other players will clear the board to make room, then the two combatants will duke it out till one meets their inevitable demise!

When the fight has concluded, all players return to their respective spots on the board and the match will continue. For your team to win, you must put the opposing King in checkmate!

IMPORTANT: Cosplay Event rules and regulations are posted on the Cosplay Events main page. If you have not already, please review these BEFORE you apply to any ConnectiCon events.


  • Cosplay Chess is a pre-scripted event in which roles are assigned to players and are prepared to play before the event premiers.
  • Once assigned their roles, all players will be given a script with their moves on it (aka, which spot they will go to on which turn). Don’t worry; your Game Masters will know who’s doing what!
  • Your placement on the board as a chess piece is chosen on a non-biased base.
  • Placement is selected based on the preferences provided in your application. Please review the application for more details.
  • No costumes with large pieces such as:
    • Wings that have a span greater than 60” (5ft) and cannot fold in (you may unfold them during combat)
    • Wide shoulder armor (also known as pauldrons) and other wider pieces of armor
    • Hoop skirts with a diameter of more than 54” (or a radius of 27”)
  • All battles are fought one-on-one. There will be no pairing/teaming up for battle.
  • Weapons are allowed (within the guidelines of ConnectiCon’s Prop Policy) but they must be unobtrusive to the space around you. Large weapons such as Cloud’s sword and Jinx’s rocket launcher can be kept off to the side of the stage until it is time to “use” them for combat.
  • Use proper stage combat to avoid injury to yourself and others. This includes no physical contact using the following:
    • Hands
    • Feet
    • Head
    • Weapons, either melee or ranged with projectiles
  • Rehearsal for chess is mandatory. During this time, the event coordinators will go over your specifics for the game and use time to create and practice your combat. Failure to attend rehearsal without prior communication will result in your dismissal from the event and you will not be allowed to participate.
  • You must enter and exit the stage using the designated areas. No jumping or running on or off of the stage. Due to safety regulations, improper stage behavior will result in immediate dismissal from the event (this includes during rehearsal.
  • No fluids, confetti, glitter, or any transferable substance can be released on stage that cannot be immediately removed.
  • Failure to follow the rules and instructions specified to you before or during can or will result in dismissal from the event.
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