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Back by popular demand!!

2020 Event Coordinator: Sam (

Do you have the dexterity to put the King in checkmate? Or a cosplay that just DEMANDS you be our White Queen? Let’s see your moves in action, SIGN UP NOW!!!

How it Works: Cosplay Chess is a pre-scripted event that has your favorite characters battle for victory! Two teams of 16 players are given roles including King, Queen, Rooks, Bishops, Knights and Pawns. During battle, if a red pawn has to take out a blue pawn, those two players will stay on the board while the other pieces clear the way for battle. The red pawn will fight the blue pawn until they meet their demise! Once the piece is taken off the board, our other pieces take their places on the board once again, continuing the match. For your team to win the game, you must put their opposing King in checkmate!

Cosplay Chess is a PG-13 event. We do advise parents and younger audience members to take this into account.

IMPORTANT: Cosplay Event Rules and Regulations are posted on the Cosplay Events main page. If you have not already, review these BEFORE you apply to any ConnectiCon events. There may be something that is run differently at this convention than others that you have attended.


  • Chess is a pre-scripted event in which roles are assigned to players and are prepared to play before the event premiers.
  • Your placement on the board as a chess piece is chosen on a non-biased base.
  • Placement is selected on the criteria of the character(s) you are applying as and your previous cosplay game experiences.
  • Team-ups may be offered to you. Applicants have the right to approve or deny being matched with characters from the same series to create a new team. Additionally, groups may apply on a tentative basis with the Coordinators discretion, in no more than groups of four.
  • Rehearsal for chess is mandatory. During this time, staff will go over your specifics for the game and use time to create and practice your fight(s). If for any reason you cannot attend rehearsal, you must let the Chess Coordinator know. Failure to attend rehearsal without prior communications will result in your dismissal from the game.
  • Use proper stage combat to avoid injury to yourself and others (if questions on how to perform stage combat, please contact the Cosplay Games Coordinator)
  • No jumping or running off any point of the stage. Due to saftey regulations, improper stage behavior will result in immediate dismissal
  • You must enter and exit the stage using the areas designated, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No fluids, confetti, glitter, or any transferable substance can be released on stage that cannot be immediately removed. All costumes must be insular.
  • Failure to follow rules and instructions specified to you before the event can or will result in dismissal from the game.
  • It’s a game, HAVE FUN!!! smile
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