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New performers dance onstage in the LIVE Debut exposition!

2024 Event Coordinator: Sarah Kerrigan (

Event Day: Sunday 11 AM Sunday

Do you know the dance moves to BTS? Aquors? Chungha? IDOLiSH7? Are you an original idol group looking to show off the performances you’ve created? Or a KPOP dancer wanting to perform your original choreography?

Welcome to the Pop-Off! LIVE Debut, where you get to perform on stage LIVE for a room full of cheering fans and shining light sticks! Professional judges and prior winners from the Pop-Off! Live Dance Competition will give you feedback on your performance so you can grow and improve your dancing in a non-competitive environment!

Come support your dance and idol community!


The LIVE Debut event is an exposition event, not a competition. There will be no judging or ranking for this event, and once your application is complete you will be accepted into the event until we fill up all our group slots. If you attend this event as an audience member, bring your loudest cheers to encourage all our new performers up on the big stage!

  • Applicants may apply as a group or solo performer.
  • Groups competing in the Pop-Off! Live Dance Competition main event are not allowed to dance in the Debut with the same group. Dancers in the main event may dance in the Debut with a different group.
  • All members of your performance group must be registered convention attendees to perform.
  • Contestants must be at least 13 years old.
  • No professional dancers* may enter the Pop-Off events. If an individual is found to be a professional, their entire group will not be allowed to perform. *A “professional dancer” is an individual who performs dance for monetary compensation as the majority of their income.
  • Performances are limited to 5 minutes maximum at length.
  • All applicants must link or email a picture of the dancer(s) in performance attire to as part of their application. “Performance Attire” consists of the outfit you intend to perform in, or of a similar outfit you would wear in another performance. Please keep the photo in .jpg file format only and have it available on a CD or Flash Drive at check-in as backup. Photos may be used to create introduction slides to introduce you during the event.
  • All dancers will perform one dance within their division and a panel of professional judges will watch your performance and give you feedback at the end of the event.
  • Please arrive at the requested set-up time to receive event-specific rules and instructions. Please follow directions given by the staff during this time, as well as during the event. If you do not follow the rules set up by the Event Coordinator and event staff, you may be unable to participate in future events.


  • Once participants arrive at the convention, all applicants must check in at Cosplay HQ to be able to perform. Anyone who is unable to check in before the event must contact the Event Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • All performers will be asked to provide an in-costume photo or video of their group members.
  • All performers must provide a CD or Flash Drive with a digital copy of your performance song. Please use .mp3 file format only. If you submitted your audio previously to please let Cosplay HQ know when you check in. Audio will NOT be accepted at the event start, it must be submitted through Cosplay HQ upon check in.
  • There will be no live microphones onstage. All audio must be pre-recorded.
  • There will be a block of rehearsal time set aside for performers to walk the stage and run your number. If you cannot make the allocated practice time, you will not be able to rehearse your event before the performance.
  • Please pick up any flash drives/CDs at the tech desk after the event.
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