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The Cosplay Lip Sync Battle is back by popular demand and will be held in Main Events Sunday! Take center stage with a Lip Sync Battle for the ages! Hopefuls will enter to show off their lip sync, dance moves and overall fierceness. They’ll go head-to-head for glory, applause… and prizes. The audience will decide who moves to the next round and who becomes the ultimate lip sync champion! The prizes will include ChibiCon merch, handmade items from the Artist’s Alley / Dealer’s Room and more!

Hosted by: Serenity Lockhart and Ruby Monroe.

In addition to the aforementioned items, the winner will also receive a badge to ConnectiCon XXII in 2025!

Registration and Check-In

In order to participate, you must have a ConnectiCon member badge.

Entries must register for Lip Sync Battle via the ConnectiCon website prior to the convention. Entries will be registered at the convention only in the case we are short of contestants; however last year filled up fast so don’t wait!

Minors under 18 years of age may participate in the Cosplay Lip Sync Battle only if a permission/release form signed by the minor's legal guardian is provided. If you are a minor, please bring the signed copy with you to the check-in location at Cosplay HQ.

Forms will be provided at check-in and on the ConnectiCon website prior to the convention.

There will be designated check in times. Details will be emailed to all approved entries before the event.

Songs will be cut down and edited to about 2 mins. Song list and files will be emailed to all approved entries before the event. You would then have the chance to pick your preferred songs. We will try to do our best to accommodate everyone but you may end up with a song not picked.


Please keep your costumes to a reasonable size: 8 ft tall / 250 pounds absolute max. Make sure your costume can make it across the stage, get through the doorway without hitting anyone, getting stuck, etc.

Completed Reference images of the character must be submitted to participate.

All characters must come from the following genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Webcomics, Anime, Cartoons, Comics, Movies and Video Games.

Anyone who does not show up to Check In is marked ‘no-show’ and will not be allowed to compete.

Do not bring anything on stage that you cannot take off with you. This includes confetti, rose petals, etc. If you have any large props, you need moved on beforehand, please contact the Cosplay Lip Sync Coordinator.

No fire, flash powder, lasers, explosives or open flame of any kind will be allowed. Electronic flashes will be permitted provided that you notify the Cosplay Lip Sync Battle Coordinator in advance, and it must be announced in your MC introduction to protect those who may be affected by the flashing lights. Strobe lights are not permitted.

Keep all content to PG-13 and under. This is a family friendly convention. No explicit gestures, nudity, etc.

You must enter and exit the stage using the areas designated by the staff. No jumping onto or off of the stage is allowed. Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification.

We have the right to cancel any performance at any time.

DAMAGES: If you break any equipment or cause any damage to the facility you are responsible for paying to replace it. Be aware of cords, curtains, screens, etc. to prevent any damage.

The Weapons Policy and convention rules also apply here. This is for the safety of yourself and others and can be found on the Convention main page.

We reserve the right to withdraw or disallow any entries that, in our judgment, poses a risk to the safety of performers or audience members, fails to comply with facility rules, fails to meet the requirements of these rules and regulations or any other reason.

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