Cover Art

2023 Vendors


Booth # Vendor Name
100/102/104 Camp Anime
106 Moon Dark Boutique
108 Mountain Rogues
110 Genda Kiwis
112 Author Terry Mark
114 Jolly Otter Studios
116/118/120 Cross Rose
122/124 Modern Artifice
126/128 Tea & Absinthe
130 Merlin's Munchies Coffee Company
132 The Geek Boutique
134 Press Start Games
136 John Casablancas CT
138 Katizua
140 Otaku Quartermaster
142 Skully Couture
144 Louisa's Knick Knacks
146 Paisley Peacock Body Arts
148 BeeZ by Scranton
150/152 Studio Kitsu
101/103 Collector's Universe
105 Black Knight Comics
107/109 Anime Palace
111 Neon Culture
113/115/117/117 Hammer Girl Anime
121/123 Media Blasters
125/127 Hen Da Ne!
131/133 Ichigo Black
135/135/137 Crimson Chain
200/202 Collector's Universe
204 Black Knight Comics
206/208/210 Dad Toyz
212/214 Cosplay Moo Moo
216/218 Japan Wave
220/222 Rock N' Reel Posters
224/226 Green Tea Design
228/230/232 Bowen Dragon
234/236/238 CTCon Merch Booth
201/203 V1Tech
207/209 Tee Turtle
211 Alexandra's Steampunk Emporium
213/215 IT Cosplay
217 Mythical Fair
221/223 Corset Punk & Kilts
225 Aurora Centori
227 Az's Apothecary
229/231 Glitch Gaming Apparel
233/235/332/334 Everything is Negotiable
237/239 MTStar
300/302 V1Tech
306/308/310 The Dragon's Lair CT
312 Dominic Deegan & StarPower
314 Ctrl+Alt+Del
316 Aaron Wood
320/322 HKT
324 Saiyre Illustrations
326 PyroPen Art
328/330 Angry Fox
336/338 Its Getting Dicey
301 Foam Brain Games
303/305 Mugen Toys
307/309/311 Image Anime
313/315 168 Dragon Trading
317 August Plush
319 Excelsior Comics and Games
321/323 Orchard Works Magic Wands
325 Crafty Dork Designs
327 Whimsic Alley
329 Fairy Wood Grove
331/333 Figureheadz
335 CloverPuff
337/339 Hell on Wheels: Traveling Shop
400 Foam Brain Games
402/404 Tasty Peach Studios
406/408/410 Great American Gothic
412/414 Volante Designs
416/418 Stat Trackers
420 Everything Dice
422/424 Stitch Toons
428/430 Digital Delightz
432 Arise Bazaar
434/436/438 J&J Enterprises
401/500 Literary Guest
403/405 Tawnie Bow
407/409/411 Anime Stuff Store
413/415/417/419 Anime Sekai
421/423/425 Shadows on the Wall
427 Savage Sparrow Studios
429/431/433 Signature Toys
435/437 Realms Anime
439 Blueberry Cat Collectibles
502/504 Gaming Outfitters
506/508/510 Valeza
512 Triple Seven Gaming
514 SKG Retro Gaming
516/518 Literary Alterations
520/522 Nerd Elysium
524/526 Stateline Video Games
528/530/532 Lunar Toy Store
534 Norse Foundry
536/538 EZShop
600/602/604/608 Triforce Foam
608 The Crow and Cat
610 Jester's Forge
612/614 Roc Games

Artist Colony

Booth # Vendor Name
Booth # Studio Name
AC101 Cody James by Cody
AC103 Lyri's Art Closet
AC105 Imaginary Tailoring
AC107 Silvered Fox Creations
AC109 Biomancer and Celestial Lich Studios
AC113 Chosenkat
AC115 Matt Becker Art
AC117 Mary Cotter
AC119 Vales Illustration
AC121 Duck and Cover
AC123 Forbidden Forest Art
AC125 Gay Breakfast
AC127 Here there be prints
AC129 Falling Fawn
AC131 PeachiEevee
AC133 hybridmink
AC135 The Art of Kevin Hinkle
AC137 LimeytheCheetah
AC141 Pixel Visions
AC143 Heather Shields Illustration
AC145 "Jon Sideriadis
AC147 Mystick Nails
AC149 Flipside Comics
AC151 DragonSwag by Mamma Bones
AC200 Bogelbear Illustration
AC202 tetocco illustration
AC204 Pastel-Lizards
AC206 Pocket Bean
AC208 False Mind Studios
AC210 Prince Xael
AC212 Stormheart Studios
AC214 Paoh Sentient Art
AC216 Fluorescent Finery
AC218 Instrumentality Project
AC220 Molly Harrington Studios LLC
AC222 Krazehcakes / BearLeeCreative
AC224 The Art of Nick Lanza
AC226 Vince Price Art
AC228 FalseDelusion
AC230 Birbleg
AC232 QIY Art
AC234 Katama K
AC238 Astral Arts
AC240 Sweet Mildred
AC242 Popwink
AC244 dooziCrafts
AC246 Crystal Hearted Kat
AC248 SinSin Art Stuff
AC250 Dressy Deer Art
AC201 Michael J Maille Designs
AC205 Julz Realmz
AC207 Ten on Tap ft. YoctoCrunch
AC209 Bunnies and Cream
AC211 Trader Tabs
AC213 Zheph Skyre
AC215 Tabby's Trinkets LLC
AC217 Garbo Guts
AC219 Wavechan
AC221 geeknami
AC223 Bicho Maduro
AC225 Rylucius
AC227 HackInk
AC229 Star Sweets
AC231 Badgerlord Studios
AC233 Wicks by Werby
AC235 Little Wolf Creations
AC237 Rinne Kanzaki
AC239 Jidou Art Studio
AC241 Cypitree
AC243 PurplePandaProductions
AC245 Maeca Art
AC247 Artcade Design
AC249 Plantcycled
AC251 Nico's Fan Niche
AC253 Foiled Art
AC255 Sweet Sakura Studios
AC257 Dragon's Den Candles
AC259 "Links Chainmaille
AC300 East of Haven
AC302 M Moonchild Scented Creations
AC304 TK Creations
AC306 Shialatier Art
AC308 KQYogurt
AC310 Timeskip Studio
AC312 Looni Loli Designs
AC314 Unicorn & Dragon Productions
AC316 Aspen Illustrates
AC320 Starmint Art
AC322 Art By Quinton
AC324 Atypical Statuary
AC326 S.Bombard Arts
AC328 3D Printing by Muckychris
AC330 Snow Foot Dice
AC332 Fabric Treasury
AC334 Bunnysleepover
AC336 CeruleanSeaCreations
AC338 Fongnetic
AC340 Erotipop
AC342 Cambrasine
AC344 Zensoko
AC346 ERP Studio
AC348 Golden Light Dice
AC350 Rosy Gaze
AC352 ofskysociety
AC354 FishScale Creations
AC356 Muju Monster
AC358 Lady D Creations
AC301 kurapixel
AC303 Mystic Fantasy Craft
AC305 JessxJessdraws
AC307 Atelier in April
AC309 HappilyEver3D
AC311 chateau de nulle
AC313 h0psynth
AC315 Lina & Lita
AC317 Zodian Knights Illustrative Arts
AC319 Ink By Olivia
AC321 Eric Clarke Illustration
AC323 IKM218
AC325 Jeff Ryan
AC327 Devious Drawing
AC329 Maiden and the Machine
AC333 Kyra Kaster
AC335 Happime Sinome
AC337 The Ha-Pi Studio
AC339 Moonbound Studio
AC341 Purple House Studio
AC345 Shades of Dawn
AC347 Shannon Mora Art
AC349 Sharkade
AC351 Hygiei
AC353 Chu Charms
AC355 Twilight Ink
AC357 Vinryl Grave
AC359 StoryCraft
AC361 1340Smile
AC363 Vandel M Studios
AC365 Kim's Krafts
AC367 Jackie's Copper Creations
AC400 Owl's Mirror Studios
AC401 Justm3h Art
AC402 Stefanie Battalene
AC403 Kyuriin
AC404 Kyomon
AC405 syrrensong

2022 Vendors


Vendor Name Booth #
168 Dragon Trading 313/315
501st 510
Aaron Wood 307
Alexandra's Steampunk Emporium 536/538
Alik's Cosplay 116116/118/120
Anime Emporium 326
Anime Palace 107/109
Artoons 524/526
Asian Snack Time 129
Asian Snack Time 228
Asian Snack Time 309/311
Az's Apothecary 227
Bait Shop Games 620
Bard's Tower 201/203/300/302
BBP International 225
Black Knight Comics 105/204
Bowen Dragon 207/209
Camp Anime 100/102/104/106
Cartoon Passion 321/323
Cheer Up Games 624
ChibiCon 510
CloverPuff 335
Collector's Universe 101/103/200/202
Colorworld 312/314/316
Coopers Cave Games 421/423/425
CosMom ConShop 130/132
Cosplay Moo Moo 212/214
Crimson Chain 235/237/332/334
CTCon Merch Booth 234/236/238
Digital Delightz 428/430
Drinks with Friends 146
Easy Roller Dice 230/232
Elms College 110/112
Everything is Negotiable 506/508
Figureheadz 502
Foam Brain Games 301/400
Game of HAM 144
Gaming Etc 206/208/210
Glitch Gaming Apparel 229/231
Gold Star Anime 148
Great American Gothic 420/422/424
Green Tea Design 328/330
Hammer Girl Anime 113/115/117/119
Hartford Area Roller Derby 504
Hell on Wheels: Traveling Shop 337/339
HKT 320/322/324
Ichigo Black 131/133
Image Anime 306/308/310
IT Cosplay 213/215
J&J Enterprises 434/436/438
Japan Wave 216/218
Jester's Forge 610
Jolly Otter Studios 114
Katizua 138
Kyoshiki 136
Literary Alterations 516/518
Lunar Toy Store 528/530/532
Manaworks Games 622
Modern Artifice 122
MTStar 336/338
Mugen Toys 303/305
Mythical Fair 217
Neon Culture 111
Orchard Works Magic Wands 211
Otaku Joes 135/137/139
Otaku Quartermaster 317/319
OTP 124
Pearl Oddysey 239/241
Phase Shift Games 616
Phoenix Animation 329
Press Start Games 134
Purple Plum 407/409/411
Retro808 415/417/419
Roc Games 612/614
Rock N' Reel Posters 220/222
Rococco Rebellion 140
Ronin Shogun 439
RX Collects 432
Savage Sparrow Studios 427
Signature Toys 429/431/433
Skully Couture 142
Sorbet Jungle 413
Spinner's Court 534
StarPower 435
Studio Kitsu 150/152
Super Retro Land 325/327
Swombat Pops 224/226
Tasty Peach Studios 402/404
Tawnie Bow 403/405
Tea & Absinthe 126/128
Tee Turtle 125/127
The Deck Box 221/223
The Dragon's Lair CT 406/408/410
The Five Wits 520/522
The Game We Played Yesterday 437
The Merchant of Many Things 512/514
The Otaku Market 600/602/604
The Pericles Group 618
T-Mobile 401/500
TNT Watch Company 331/333
Top Dog Games 416/418
Triple Seven Gaming 606
US Army 121
uubgear 123
Volante Designs 412/414
Your Anime n More 108

Artists Colony

Vendor Name Booth #
A Case of Random AC139
Akanyte AC246
Artcade Design AC247
Aspen Illustrates AC316
Astral Arts AC230
Badgerlord Studios AC231
Bicho Maduro AC223
Biomancer and Celestial Lich Studios AC109
Blu Water Ink AC217
Blulious AC339
Bo Ae Lee AC241
Bogelbear Illustration AC220
brownrabbits AC300
Bubbles and Baubles AC309
Bunnies and Cream AC209
Calamity AC346
Carinista Art LLC AC237
Castypha AC117
Cats Can't Draw AC205
CeruleanSeaCreations AC336
Chell Studios AC238
Ching Yan Wong AC239
Chu Charms AC353
Cody James by Cody AC103
Cripptyd Atelier AC314
cross line images AC348
Cypitree AC322
Devious Drawing AC327
Dragon's Den Candles AC257
DragonSwag by Mamma Bones AC151
Dressy Deer AC149
East of Haven AC334
Emily Hanby AC212
Emily Lubanko AC210
Erotipop AC340
ETs Designs AC236
False Mind Studios AC222
FishScale Creations AC354
Flipside Comics AC242
Floral Frolic AC105
Fluorescent Finery AC214
Forbidden Forest Art AC123
geeknami AC221
gendakiwi AC235
Ginma Art AC352
Heather Shields Illustration AC143
HelkPixel AC341
Here there be prints AC137
hybridmink AC133
Hygiei AC351
ICTB Studios AC321
IllustCafe Studio AC244
Imaginary Tailoring AC211
Inkwell AC328
Jackal and Hare AC129
Jackie's Copper Creations AC355
John Gebbia Art AC145
Justmeh Studios AC219
K A T E R I AC325
Karoshi x Design AC320
Kevin Hinkle AC135
Kim's Krafts AC315
Kitschy Stitchy Kylie AC332
Kolette Qvarford AC317
kurapixel AC301
Kyra Kaster AC333
Lady D Creations AC358
Lame Genie AC250/td>
Links Chainmaille, LLC AC259
Looni Loli Designs AC312
Louisa's Knit Knacks AC228
Lumino Studio AC342
Luwud AC253
Madeleine England AC343
xLunaNightmare AC345
Mary Cott AC213
Matt Becker Art AC115
Mayhem and Magic Crafts AC251
meowsticlily AC324
Michael J Maille Designs AC201
Michael Lu AC308
Mintandapple AC141
Molly Monroe Apparel AC125
Mystic Fantasy Craft AC303
Mystick Nails AC147
Nez Riaz AC202
Nights AC338
Nina Draws AC204
Onicake Co AC311
Owl's Mirror Studios AC229
Paisley Peacock Body Arts AC101
Paoh Sentient Art AC233
PeachiEevee AC131
Perler Village AC349
Pixel Visions AC127
Plantcycled AC203
Pocket Bean AC206
Prince Xael AC304
PurplePandaProductions AC243
Pyropen Art AC235
Rosy Gaze AC350
Rusalka Engravery AC218
Rylucius AC319
Saiyre Illustration and Design AC361
Sang Lam Art AC326
SAS Arts AC302
scrims AC207
Sew Cute Crafts and Art AC357
ShaHuskies Illustration AC208
SharkTeath AC306
Silver Arrow Publisher AC200
Silvered Fox Creations AC107
SketchPadCreations AC313
Snow Foot Dice AC330
Spunky Siren Art AC347
Star Sweets AC229
Starfield Gaming AC356
Starmint Art AC121
Sunny Sponder AC305
Sweet Mildred AC240
Sweet Sakura Studios AC255
Tabby's Trinkets LLC AC215
The Art of Nick Lanza AC224
Third Star Studios AC234
The Pastel Fix AC248
Timeskip Studio AC310
Toe Beans LLC AC359
Tricksters and Trinkets AC329
Trot L'Oeil Artistry AC113
Tsukimusha AC225
Vales Illustration AC119
WallyNovaInc. AC323
Wavechan AC226
WEJ Art AC335
David Woehr AC111
Zensoko AC344
ZeroSnake Media AC216
Zunda Illustrations AC210
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