Cover Art


Booth # Vendor Name
100/102/104/106 Camp Anime
108 CloverPuff
110 Modern Artifice
112 Splazzy Face
114 Otaku Quartermaster
116/118/120 Alik's Cosplay
122 ManaTees
124 OTP
126 Your Anime n More
128 Swombat Pops
130 Best Spuds
132 CosMom ConShop
134 Press Start Games
136 Kyoshiki
138 Katizua
140 Anime Pavilion
142 Geek Stuff Games
144 Game of HAM
146 Digital Delightz
148 Power Play Anime
150/152 Studio Kitsu
101/103 Collector's Universe
105 Black Knight Comics
107/109 Anime Palace
111 Aardvark Tees
113/115/117/119 Hammer Girl Anime
121/123 FANGS!
125/127 Dragon's Lair Plush
129/228 Asian Snack Time
131 Dominic Deegan
133 Aaron Wood
135/137/139 Otaku Joes
200/202 Collector's Universe
204 Black Knight Comics
206/208 Ichigo Black
210 Hispanic Health Council
212/214 Cosplay Moo Moo
216/218 Japan Wave
220/222 Rock N' Reel Posters
224/226 Heroes in Action
230/232 Tee Turtle
234/236/238 CTCon Merch Booth
201/203/300/302 Bard's Tower
207/209 Image Anime
211 Orchard Works Magic Wands
213/215 IT Cosplay
217 Mythical Fair
221/223/225 168 Dragon Trading
227/229 Super Retro Land
233/235 Crimson Chain
237/239 Pearl Oddysey
306/308/310 Bowen Dragon
310/312/314 Bull Moose
320/322/324 HKT
326/328 Green Tea Design
332/334 Crimson Chain
336/338 NexGen Games
301/400 Foam Brain Games
303/305 Mugen Toys
307 The Dragon's Lair CT
309/311 Asian Snack Time
313/315 Family Dragon
321/323/325 Lunar Toy Store
335/337/339 SRG Universe
402/404 Tasty Peach Studios
406/408/410 Dragon's Lair CT
412/414 Volante Design
420/422 MTStar
424 Two Guys Comics
434/436/438 J&J Enterprises
401 CT-FIG
403/405 Retro 808
407/409/411 Purple Plum
413 Anime Emporium
415/417/419 Anime Crew
421/423 ChibiCon
425/427 Kalligraphy
429/431 Signature Toys
437/439 Realms Anime

Artists Colony

Booth # Vendor Name
AC200 Plantcycled
AC202 Prince Xael
AC204 Mary Cotter
AC206 Gay Breakfast
AC208 Argama Witch
AC210 Scrumpy Illustrations
AC212 Justm3h Studios
AC214 Brownrabbits
AC218 Shannon Mora Art
AC220 Third Star Studios
AC222 Sweet Mildred
AC224 Wilbur & Rose
AC226 Andy Kluthe
AC228 hybridmink
AC230 DowserDroid
AC232 Neemo Likes Art
AC234 FishScale Creations
AC236 Maneki Neko Art
AC238 DragonSwag by Momma Bone
AC240 Jessica Stanton
AC242 Flipside Comics
AC244 Sean Wang
AC246 ForLoveofNerd Doodles
AC248 Fantasy Frames
AC250 Lucky Squid Studios
AC201 Michael J Maille Designs
AC203 Sugar Pop Crochet
AC205 Katelyn Gagnon
AC207 Biomancer and Celestial Lich Studios
AC209 A Case of Random
AC211 Matt Becker Art
AC213 Vales Illustration
AC215 Hitbox Designs / Gapashin
AC217 TwinEnigma Design
AC219 Rishi Bhoodram
AC221 Star Sweets
AC223 Imaginary Alice
AC225 Rylucius
AC227 Hack-Ink
AC229 Story of the Door
AC231 krazehcakes
AC233 Jackal And Hare
AC235 To the Sunnyside
AC237 Trot L'Oeil Artistry
AC239 Silvered Fox Creations
AC241 mintandapple
AC243 blulious
AC245 AFishPlanet
AC247 spicytunaa
AC249 MajikCraft
AC251 The Punch Bunch
AC253 Badgerlord Studios
AC255 Cross Line Images
AC257 Teem Meme
AC259 Jolly Otter Studio Shoppe
AC300 Cody James by Cody
AC302 Woehr.D Industries
AC304 Spiral Silhouettes
AC306 Cryptic Corvid
AC308 Bunnies and Cream
AC310 Flourescent Finery
AC312 Ecchi Chibis
AC314 s. Bombard Arts
AC316 Linked on Fantasy
AC320 geeknami
AC322 Michi Voss
AC324 Mads England & LUPATIER
AC326 Gendakiwi
AC328 Jerri Lee
AC330 LucidSky
AC332 Magenta Fantasies Art
AC334 The Toy Tycoon
AC336 Here there be Prints
AC338 Destiny Cooper
AC340 Gia Tsikinas / DM Begin
AC342 Ryan McCarthy Productions
AC344 Alexander Ogbonna
AC346 Visage Media
AC348 Neurotic Sphynx
AC350 Boontucket
AC352 Kidnapped Gnomes
AC354 ZeroSnake Media
AC356 Gothopus Armoury LLC
AC358 phoodledoodles
AC301 Jimbo Box
AC303 Heather Shields Illustration
AC305 ET's Designs
AC307 Paisley Peacock Body Arts
AC309 Rikoohs
AC311 Goal Publications
AC313 Petals & Petrichor
AC315 Mystic Fantasy Craft LLC
AC317 Lyri's Art Closet
AC319 Perler Village
AC321 Caged Nephilim Crafts
AC323 Peachieevee
AC325 the discounts god abandoned
AC327 Looni Loli Designs
AC329 Roxasinumiku
AC331 Astral Arts
AC333 Bicho Maduro
AC335 Bowen Gifts LLC
AC337 Art of Kevin Hinkle
AC339 Castypha
AC341 HelkPixel
AC343 Falling Fawn
AC345 StickorSwim
AC347 Hygiei
AC349 Benzella Studios
AC351 Global Frequency Studios
AC353 Sharkteath
AC355 Jester's Forge Digital Arts
AC359 Sang Lam Art"
AC361 Inkwell Illustrations

CT Festival of Indie Games

Booth # Vendor Name
CTFIG 001/002/003 CT-FIG
CTFIG 004 Which Game First Podcast
CTFIG 005 Sprites Battle Arena
CTFIG 006 Headless Hydra Press
CTFIG 007 Cheer Up Games
SHOW 001 Nova Swarm
SHOW 002 EOS-503
SHOW 003 Courtroom 600
SHOW 004/005 The Pericles Group
SHOW 006 Neon Flip
SHOW 007 Project Action Party
SHOW 008 The Crumbling Catacombs
SHOW 009/010 Quinipiac University
CTFIG 008 Legends of Fusion Trading Card Game
CTFIG 009 Rainbow Quest
CTFIG 010 Quests & Cannons: The Risen Islands
CTFIG 011 Card-Z
CTFIG 012 Mantis Falls
CTFIG 013 Old North
SHOW 011/012 Last Slice
SHOW 013/014 Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
SHOW 015/016 Hare Apparent
SHOW 017/018 Through A Glass
SHOW 019/020 Rubicon
SHOW 021/022 Scrapshoot
SHOW 023/024 Viscid Xenogenics
SHOW 025/026 EnthralL
SHOW 027/028 Descent Into Madness
SHOW 029/030 Blackhaven
SHOW 031/036 Numahex
SHOW 033/034 Indiepocalypse
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