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The events of the recent weeks have put the spotlight on issues long unresolved. Racism and prejudice are anathema to ConnectiCon’s core values. We pride ourselves in being a diverse community that takes joy in bringing you joy; hate has no place here.

We're sure that many of our ConnectiCon members are aware and engaged in demonstrations and have a real interest in being part of the change in the systems, processes, and attitudes that lead us here. If you are seeking ways to be involved, we've created/developed a short list of charities, funds and organizations to support:

If you’re looking for a further list of charities and causes to help, please check this Google Document that is regularly updated by our staff and community:

Thank you for caring and believing that each of us, together, can create true change. We are honored to support this cause and provide the platform and resources that support change.

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